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Daily Question # 789

Who ? Why  the  attire ?

Italian  cyclist  Mario  Cipollini .

In  the  1999  Tour  de  France , Cipollini  lead  the  peloton  in  the  fastest  stage  in  the  history  of  TDF . He  ( and  his  team  Saeco ) dressed  up  in  Roman  attire  to  celebrate  Cipollini  winning  4  consecutive  stages ( stages  4-7 ) thereby  setting  a  post-WW II  record  , and  also  to  celebrate  Julius  Caesar’s  birthday .

Only  Yadhu  got  the  4  consecutive  stage  wins  funda . However , I’ll  be  good  and  award  points  to  Rishav , Appu , Subin , Rithwik , Bobby , Nakul  and  Jyotishraj  as  well .

9 Responses to “Daily Question # 789”

  1. Rishav says:

    Mario cipollini 1999 tour de france where he became most succesful italian rider till date at the event.Thus posing with julius caesar attire as part of his celebrations on the roman emperor’s 2099th birthday.

  2. Arun Hiregange says:

    Mario Cipollini ; in celebration of Julius Caesar’s birthday at the 1999 TDF

  3. Subin.G says:

    mario cippolini – he waves dressed as caesar during 1999 TDF, celebrating the anniversary of caesar’s birthday

  4. Rithwik says:

    Mario Cipollini dressed as Roman Emperor Julius Caesar as he arrives for the first mountain stage of the Tour de France cycling race from Le Grand Bornand to Sestriere in Italy July 13 to honor the anniversary of Caesar’s birthday.

  5. bobby says:

    The Italian cyclist Mario Cipollini dressed up as Caesar, on Caesar’s birthday

  6. yadhu says:

    Mario Cipollini

    won four successive sprint finishes last week, bridging a 69-year gap in Tour history and becoming the most successful Italian stage winner in the race.
    he celebrated his win and also the 2,099th birthday of Julius Caesar — wearing togas and Roman disguises.

  7. Nakul says:

    2,099th birthday of Julius Caesar

  8. akhil r nair says:

    Mario Cippolini, the famous cyclist in new look of skin suit

  9. jyothishraj says:

    mario cippolini, famous cyclist who wore this attire to commemmorate julius caeser’s 2099th birthday.

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