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Whose  body ?


Clue :


John  Dillinger’s  body  displayed  to  the  public  at  an  Illinois  morgue  after  his  death . The  second  pic  is  a  still  from  Manhattan  Melodrama , the  film  which  was  being  screened  at  the  Biograph  theater , the  site  of  the  encounter  which  resulted  in  his  death .

Cracked  by  Freestyler , Nishanth  Raman , Arun , Arun  Hiregange , Abhishek  Chakraborty and  Siddharth  Jain .

6 Responses to “Daily Question # 386”

  1. Freestyler says:

    John Dillinger

  2. Nishanth Raman says:

    John Dillinger

    Clue – Manhattan Melodrama

  3. arun says:

    John Dillinger.

  4. Arun Hiregange says:

    John Dillinger (the second pic is Manhattan Melodrama)

  5. abhishek chakaborty says:

    the body of john dellinger

  6. Siddharth Jain says:

    John Dillinger

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