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Happy New Year fellas!

Identify the group seen here. What exactly are they doing?

Daily Question # 941

Which spiritual concept is referenced in the name of this sculpture?

Daily Question # 940

What are these?

Daily Question # 939




Daily Question # 938

Tribute to? OR Identify the location.

Tribute graffiti on the outer wall of Serge Gainsbourg‘s house in Paris.

Cracked by SM Muneer Ali, Aswinikumar T, Fifthape, Anil Raghavan, Rajith Ravi, Rithwik, Vichumon and Deepu.

What inspired the design of this dress?

The Cathedral of Brasilia. R.I.P Oscar Niemeyer.

Cracked by Appu, Aswanth, Ajay Parasuraman, Bipin Banavalikar and Anil Raghavan.

What confusion caused this?

Quoting Rajith Ravi,

“The body of Captain William Kidd, bound in chains and encased in an iron framework, hanging at Tilbury Point in the Thames estuary on the English coast, as a warning to others following his execution for piracy and murder in 1701

He was a privateer but was confused upon as pirate.”

Cracked by Aswinikumar T, Rajith Ravi and Rithwik.

What is happening here?

Sirocco the Kakapo tries to mate with Mark Carwardine as Stephen Fry looks on, in Last Chance to See.

Cracked by Akhil R Nair, Aswinikumar T, Fifthape, Appu, SM Muneer Ali, Rajith Ravi, Deepu, Aswanth and Anil Raghavan.

What is the dip in these graphs known as? What is it an indicator of?


Quoting Appu,

“Uncanny Valley, when a robot or CGI representation of something is neither too sophisticated nor too clumsy to be acceptable by humans.”

Cracked by Fifthape, Anil Raghavan, Prasanth John Abraham, Rajith Ravi, Aswinikumar T, Deepu, Appu, SM Muneer Ali and Aswanth.

What phenomenon?


Cracked by Rajith Ravi, Fifthape, Deepu, Anil Raghavan, Prasanth John Abraham and Appu.

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